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Green Sure by Sherwin-Williams


Green Sure by Sherwin-Williams

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1983 Roswell, New Mexico. No car, no tools, but a heart full of enthusiasm, I walked down the block, prospecting for work...“I’m Pete - Need anything painted?"

No, then another no, then at the third house a YES! He was an older man. (I was 28 at the time. Everybody seemed old..) We negotiated the job which was to paint the trim on his one story ranch house for $300. He asked if I’d sand everything first. When I told him I didn’t have a sander, he said I could borrow his. We agreed on an extra $50. That was the beginning of “The Roswell Painting Company”. The next summer, I married a Minnesota farm girl, and in time our two blonde haired kids were born. We enjoyed life in the desert, but also longed to return to our Midwestern roots. So, in 1994 we came to Madison.

One of the skills I had learned in those early years was hanging wallpaper. In the spring of 1994, we started Madison Paper Works. By 2003, we had grown, and we changed the name to Madison Brush Works to better reflect that growth; painting, paperhanging and deck refinishing.

I once asked a customer who happened to have an MBA what he learned in business school. He said “business is always changing”. I guess he was right. I have cars and tools now, (so I won’t be asking to borrow yours). I also believe some things don’t change. I’m still excited to see your home transformed by a little paint and some love.

Thanks for listening, and welcome to Madison Brush Works.

Pete Curtis

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