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Green Sure by Sherwin-Williams


Green Sure by Sherwin-Williams

Wallpaper Removal and Installation
Wallpaper Removal and Installation

Wallpaper Removal and Installation Services

I’m often asked, “Is wallpaper out of style?”

That depends.

Wallpaper patterns and themes change in popularity like dress lengths and lapel widths. But there is a distinctive beauty, clarity, and richness that no other finish can achieve. For these reasons (and others), wallpaper will always have a place.

From my heart; if I could run my business on one skill, it would be this one.

In the late 1980’s and all of the 1990’s, the majority of my work was in wallpaper, and happily so. In the last decade, there was a noticeable decline in wallpaper popularity. Perhaps, not coincidentally, during those same years, decorative (faux) painting became popular. As of this writing (Spring 2013) we are seeing a reversal of that trend and a renewed interest in wallpaper. As with all things decorative, the choice is yours to make. After over thirty years in this business, can I offer you a little perspective? Take it for what it’s worth. Forget what the neighbors think, and make your own decorating choices. It’s your home. Make it what YOU want it to be.

Now the technical stuff: For removal and installation, site management is the same as has been discussed previously on the painting services page. We cover and protect all your belongings. Expect to receive a “good faith guess” on how long (and how much money it will cost) to remove your existing wallpaper and properly prepare your walls for: A. more wallpaper or B. some type of paint finish.

We charge for removal work by the hour, because it’s the fairest way (for you and us). There are too many variables to know for sure how long it will take. Usually, the actual paper removal is straightforward, but the real issue often becomes what shape the walls are in once the paper comes off. Frequently, there will need to be some repairs made, and sometimes the walls may need to be resurfaced. They will certainly need to be primed with a barrier-type primer before redecorating. That’s already probably more information than you want to know.

We have done hundreds of hours of wallpaper removal, and have tried most if not all of the systems/ products for doing so. Currently, our favorite removal products come from a California company called Safe and Simple. You can find them on the web, and there’s a link to their site on this page.

For installation questions, feel free to call me. I love to consult about wallpaper and have installed some of the finest products in the world, along with the more garden varieties you are likely to see at paint stores and in your grandmother’s house.

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